Medical Negligence – Healthcare Law and Medical Risk Management

We have accrued more than twenty years of experience in the field of medical negligence and healthcare law, working with the association Cittadinanzattiva and the  “Tribunale dei Diritti del Malato ” (Tribunal for the Sick) and providing legal assistance to the sick in or out of court. We believe it is important that the lawyer’s commitment should not be limited to claiming compensation for damages but should contribute, to the possible extent, to assuring a more effective protection of health. Consequently, we work (in connection with the Tribunale dei Diritti del Malato) with the health authorities to improve the health service, to provide information to the sick and to reduce clinical risk through training and joint projects involving patients and healthcare workers. 


  • analysis of medical records with the collaboration of nurses, medical legal doctors and specialists
  • assessment of practical cases of medical negligence
  • out-of-court assistance in mediation proceedings and in-court assistance
  • training courses for lawyers and doctors on informed consent, personal injury and clinical risk management