Inheritance Law & Cross-Border Successions

The Law Firm Antoci  has consolidated experience in inheritance law, having handled complex inheritance cases over the years at both national and  cross-border level. 

We advise and assist our Clients with assets in different countries in planning their succession by drafting Wills or other planning instruments taking into account both the applicable law and tax aspects, in connection with professionals of other jurisdictions.

We manage all tasks related to the administration of international successions from the opening to the transfer of assets to beneficiaries coordinating our activity with the work of other professionals in Italy and abroad.

The entry into force of EU Regulation 650/2012 has facilitated, where applicable, the task of interpreters in identifying the law governing the succession and the courts having jurisdiction. The complexity of the subject matter requires knowledge of the substantive law of the countries to which a succession is related and an international network of lawyers with whom to collaborate in order to provide professional case-specific assistance.

In order to plan a succession and to administer a cross-border succession it is often necessary to ascertain the law applicable to the property regimes of couples (EU Regulations 1104/2016 and 1103/2014) which is necessary to understand what assets form the estate.


  • consultancy in identifying the applicable law to succession and administration of the estate  
  • drafting Wills in English/French and Italian and setting up other estate planning arrangements
  • collaboration and liaising with foreign professionals for international estate planning
  • drafting  of bilingual powers of attorney for inheritance, deeds of notoriety and attested affidavits
  • translation of documents into Italian
  • preparation and submission of the Italian Inheritance Tax Declaration
  • payment of relevant taxes on behalf of the Clients
  • assistance for publication of Italian Wills or for lodging and publishing foreign Wills before an Italian notary
  • advice and assistance to the beneficiaries in accepting an inheritance, simply or under benefit of inventory before an Italian notary or the Registrar of the Court of jurisdiction 
  • assistance in drawing up the inventory by a notary or the Registrar of the Court of jurisdiction
  • litigation related to inheritance rights
  • administration and distribution of the estate
  • management of relations with banks related to current accounts/securities which are part of the Italian estate 
  • opening of current accounts in the name of the heirs
  • advice and assistance in selling inherited assets