Fashion Law, Intellectual Property Law and Art Law

Being located in the heart of one of the fashion capitals, the Antoci Law Firm offers a strong support to fashion designers, distributors, commercial agents, fashion companies and producers of luxury goods, dealing with all the national and international legal issues that have to be faced in the fashion and luxury goods business from fashion-product design to procurement of raw materials, from production and distribution to advertising and after-sales service and litigation . 

Being aware of the key importance of intellectual property in the fashion and luxury goods business and of the increasingly close connection between fashion and art, as well as the international vocation of the fashion business, the Antoci Law Firm pays particular attention to brand, design and copyright protection and registration strategies  both at national, European, and international level collaborating with foreign law firms and intellectual property consultants.

For more than 15 years the firm has been collaborating with research groups and university spin-offs, assisting them in the drafting of consortium agreements for projects funded by the European Union (ACE – Antennas Center of Excellence – Network of Excellence of the EU 6th framework program, European School of Antennas, Marie Curie Action of the EU 7-th Framework program; FORESEEN center – Consortium on electromagnetic and quantum physics research and development; Nanoarchitectronics – Consortium and Support Action on Future Emerging Technology (H2020); Metamask, PADR project (H2020)), and in the drafting of technology transfer contracts.In recent years the firm has developed its activity of advising and guiding young artists in the protection of copyright and in the drafting of artist-agent and artist-gallery contracts at domestic and international level


  • identifying strategies for selection and registration of national, international and European trade marks
  • luxury brand management
  • consulting and assistance related to the issue of protection of the “made in Italy” label
  • consulting in labelling of products (Italian, European Union and international legislation)
  • protection and registration of designs and models
  • copyright protection
  • anti-counterfeiting strategy and legal protection
  • know-how
  • contracts artist/agent – artist/gallery 
  • drawing up non-disclosure agreements
  • drawing up consortium agreements within the framework of EU funded projects
  • drawing up  technology transfer agreements
  • drawing up supply and sub-supply agreements
  • domestic and international buying and selling
  • e-commerce
  • national and international agency agreements
  • national and international distribution agreeements
  • franchising agreements
  • licence agreements
  • opening of sales outlets in Italy and abroad
  • outsourcing agreements
  • consortium agreements
  • concession agreements

sale or return contracts